About us – Reesibi

Who is Reesibi?

REESIBI is a global technology company focused on aerodynamic machines, founded in 2020.

The beginning of Reesibi

As early as 2019, the start-up team Reesibi, which takes life scenes as the classification and light "cleaning" as the core, began to make the most difficult and core part of the dust collector from 0 to 1 - Brushless Motor. The founder, who was obsessed with technology, and a group of comrades with a pure love for technology made Reesibi what it is now. 

The development of Reesibi

Since its establishment in 2020, Reesibi has continued to develop and innovate in the field of blowers and light "cleaning".

In order to meet the diverse and personalized needs of global consumers, Reesibi continues to explore and optimize the life segment scenarios, including office, car, life, and more professional areas. We have launched various types of products such as C1 camera blowers, R3 wireless blowers, R4 dual-use blowers and R5Led blowers, and continue to innovate in all aspects of machine power and range. At present, REESIBI has become a global technology company with a three-dimensional layout of multiple categories in the field of air-powered dusting machines, and its products cover more than 100 countries and regions, including China, the United States, Germany, France and Korea.

The pursuit and achievement of Reesibi

The founder always believes that "core technology is the root of everything".

Reesibi has a series of patents for Brushless Motors, circulating heat dissipation systems and high-speed motors, and is a world leader in these fields. Reesibi is also the first brand to equip Brushless Motors on blowers. Among them, the high-speed motor and Brushless Motor are the core competencies of Reesibi and the core driving force of Reesibi's product matrix iteration. As of September 2022, Reesibi has filed 28 patents worldwide.

The insistence of Reesibi

Real machine data and test reports are Reesibi's bottom line. Reesibi insists on creating a precedent for dust blower technology updates, and also guarantees the most real data feedback to users, and rejects data fraud and parameter collusion. Reesibi firmly believes that every refresh and progress of product parameters is inseparable from the success of every person who loves technology in the team, and Reesibi also has a better vision and pursuit to accept more challenges and make products better.

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