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C1 Camera Air Blower

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Reesibi Cordless Compressed Air Duster, Professional Air Blower for Camera Lens Cleaning, 35000 RPM 2 Speeds Powerful Electronic Air Duster with LED Light, 2400mAh Rechargeable, for Computer Cleaning

Have you ever seen a blower with a filter? - Placing a professional-grade replaceable filter in Reesibi electric air duster can efficiently filter dust and finer impurities, and blow out purer compressed air to protect your camera lens or other delicate electronic equipment. It can also prevent other impurities from getting involved in the equipment and causing equipment damage.

2-Speed & Brushless Motor- Just as the engine is the heart of the vehicle, the motor is also the heart of the entire cleaning equipment. A high-performance motor is the key to judging the quality of an electric air blower. Professional brushless motor can help our Reesibi electric air blower to complete its cleaning work with higher efficiency, and provides 2-speed adjustable wind speed (26000 RPM, 35000 RPM). It also maximizes the life of the equipment.

Matt Lacquer - Different from the vast majority of metal paint products on the market, the Reesibi electric dust blower is the first cleaning device with a matte paint, which is not only to reduce dust falling on the device, but also to reduce the probability of scratches and severe friction. At the same time, it can also optimize the feel of the fuselage and relieve your aesthetic fatigue. 

Remove Surface Dust from Precision Instruments - Reesibi professional camera cleaning kit is used to remove surface dust from precision instruments such as camera lenses, circuit boards, watches and computer hosts. If you want to thoroughly remove stubborn dust or impurities, our store will have higher performance cleaning equipment for you You choose and buy.

Lightweight Design - 2.75 × 1.76 × 4.72 inches and 6.84 oz product specifications make it the smallest electric cleaning device on the market, and this lightweight and compact device allows you to clean with less effort. You can also put it in your pocket more easily and elegantly. Fully independent buttons allow you to choose between starting the device and turning on the LED lights (Start alone or Start at the same time).

Customer Reviews

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Jamia Diette
A nice metal blower

This came in a giftable, marked, cardboard box. This is a nice, metal blower with a matte finish to repel dust. It charges with a USB-c cable that is included. It has two buttons. One turns on the led and the the other turns on the fan. It runs at two speeds. It has a built in filter disc and includes a replacement filter disk. It also has a small cleaning brush. It has a very narrow jet of air. I did blow some dust out of my keyboard, but it does not deliver that quick, hard burst needed to get out stuck on stuff. I got this to use in my acrylic paint pouring. The low setting works okay for direct narrow area paint movement, but the high setting just blows too hard. I do like that it is battery operated and you don't have a cord to fight with while using it.

Haley Fox Blog
Works great

I travel a lot and take tons of photos with my camera. I’m always afraid to wipe my lens with a cloth, especially in the desert or at the beach. This device is powerful, yet compact so I can use the air to get all the particles off, then I can wipe it down. The charge lasts a long time. Well made for the price, highly recommend.

Ryno Reviews Stuff
Works just fine for computers and electronics

Honestly very surprised at how well it works. The first setting with the brush attachment did great getting my keyboards cleaned off. At the highest setting it blew the dust off my boom box, too. I’ve got this in my backpack and have used it several times on all my computers. No complaints here.

Have only charged it once so battery seems to be pretty solid.

We’ll definitely be using this to blow dust from my cameras as well. Been looking for something small like this one. Seems like a pretty good investment so far.

Ross P
It blows!

I use this to help keep my musical instruments clean. I have a lot with knobs and keys, so I needed something that would make the job easy.

It is a powerful little thing. It might be able to fly if it had wings. It has a grippy handle, so I don't think it'll anywhere. It has two speeds. One softer than the other.

It has a brush on it, and a few other accessories. It is a rechargeable battery with USB cable that is included. It's small and portable.

It is a little noisy on the highest speed. It might be a little louder than a hair drier. If you're in the office, then you probably shouldn't use this during a conference call. That's really the only con I can think of.

It does get a lot of the dust off. For some things you still might have to wipe it down. This comes with a soft piece of fabric to help with that. Best not to use harsh cleaning chemicals with electronics.

This is a very handy blower. It seems to be built a little more solid, so it can probably take a drop. Good find.

Barbie J
Excellent Product!

A great alternative to having to buy compressed air cans! I used this to clean my keyboard, a few artificial plants, and a few Lego sets that have collected dust. It did a great job on each. The brush attachment is a must when I dusted the Lego sets. There isn't much difference between the three-speed settings. Stores easily and recharges, so no need to buy compressed air anymore. It'll pay for itself.

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