R5 Strongest Electric Air Duster with LED Light - 90000RPM – Reesibi

R5 Strongest Electric Air Duster with LED Light - 90000RPM

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Reesibi Cordless Handheld 90000RPM Air Duster

Air Pressure 1.9-2.7oz
Motor Brushless
Battery 7500mAH
3 Speed Modes 50000-90000RPM/min
Charge Type 15W Type-C fast charging
Other LED Lighting & Surround Heat Hole & Power Indicator

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Julian Bakin
Gale Force Duster 👍🏻💨🍃

Excellent duster so powerful not spec of dust is safe with this little devil around 😎👍🏻😈

Quality product

I wish I had this years ago as I damaged a screen with the aerosol can spray.
Excellent quality and design

Can me used for so much more then your keyboard

When I brought this home. My boyfriend discovered so many possibilities of what to use this thing for. As you can see in the video. It’s great to get all the dust that you just can’t get normally! We also used it on the bathroom vent for the dust.

The blowing power is very strong, it’s impressive.

Man, this thing blows.....

So, I have a larger blower at home, one that is hand held, metal, plugs into 110V and has a large vacuum like tank on it. I use it for dusting my PC, but I've never been really happy with it because it's not all that powerful. That's OK because it was only $60 when I bought it like 15 or more years ago. Same one sells for over $100 now.

I have been looking for something I can use at work for when I just have something small to clean (like a USB port that's full of dust) and I don't want to carry it into the compressor room in the back of the shop.

I tried a couple of small, portable, hand held compressors that claim they have 120 or more PSI, but none of them has the pressure they claimed. I decided to look at some blowers instead.

This unit is actually the first one I picked. I was a little leery because there were no reviews when I ordered it.

It just arrived, and man does it work well. The air coming out is much higher velocity and pressure than my blower at home. It's lighter, and uses a battery so I can take it outside to clean very dirty equipment.

It has an on/off switch, and a button for a LED light if you need it (glad you can shut it off), and another switch that gives you three levels of pressure. It charges via USB-C. Unit came in with about 75% charge. Unfortunately it doesn't include the charger, just a USB to USB-C cable.

I can't say much about reliability since I just got it, but so far I am super impressed. It doesn't feel cheap, and seems to work very well. I highly recommend it. I hope it lasts.

great battery life

It has pretty good power and is a good alternative to compressed air. I was sick of buying canned air so frequently. It also has attachments that have been useful to me so far. Charge last longer than I expected. So easy to use and save money in the long run! Highly recommended!

R5 Strongest Electric Air Duster with LED Light - 90000RPM
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